You are about to enter a parallel universe where anything is possible, and everything you think you know for sure is about to get a full audit.

This is Ben and Jen Rode’s Kingdom, and they have opened the gates to those who are awake enough to discover this city in the clouds. Within these kingdom walls, the world of limitation and confusion cannot exist. With time, your masks and illusions will melt away like a Salvador Dali painting while your new earth rises up around you like a new Atlantis. Over 3 years ago, when Ben and Jen became the highest paid sexual healers in the world, and their lowest priced program was $30,000, they decided they needed something that would allow everyone to get the support they needed, even if they weren’t yet a celebrity or successful CEO. Sovereign (U)niverse has been that place for over 2 years, and members find that it is a safe place to get away from the life they know so well, so you can go back afterwards with greater perspective and a new way of getting that which you desire. Our informal guarantee is that if you stick around, and implement the philosophies discussed here, you experience a new level of lasting intimacy with your perfect life partner, and you will discover the next evolution of your life’s purpose. Ben is a futurist & business shaman, Jen is a spiritual teacher & clairvoyant channel, and together they have used their own teachings on grounded reality creation to create the Premiere Luxury Resort for Transformational Retreats in the world, called Synergida. Located on 114 acres of pristine Costa Rican jungle, it is an enlightened community of leaders specializing in business, health, spirituality and more, with the 33,000 square foot resort as it’s beating heart. We are co-creating a new way of living that is infectious, and our mission is to spread this new reality throughout the world. Stretch your brain. Expand your consciousness. Create your reality.



“You’re free!” And so is this membership level… Not ready to sign up for the calls yet? No problemo. Come join us in our multidimensional community and soak in the high vibes. See what we’re all about, and take the next step whenever you feel called!


  • Join the Sovereign (U)niverse Private Facebook community where you can post all the good stuff that is going on with you and meet other people who are changing the planet
  • Get access to special discounts only available to the Sovereign (U)niverse community
Tuition: $0


“Relax!” This is the most affordable way to have Ben & Jen answer your toughest questions, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the highest quality guidance for the price of a Starbucks visit. Averaging only $8.25 per call, this option is a no brainer for the budding reality creator…

In Tranquilla, you get everything in the first level, PLUS-

  • Three 90 min group Activator video conference calls per month* Access to the recordings for 1 week after it’s released in case you can’t make it live
Tuition: A) $33 a month B) $333 PIF for the year (2 months free!) C) $999 Lifetime membership *With your purchase of the lifetime membership, you will also get a recording of a personalized intuitive reading from Jen (usually $333) and a personalized “welcome to the family” voice message from Ben. *Call Schedule: 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month= 10-11:30 am PST 2nd Wednesday of the month= 3-4:30 am PST Last Wednesday of the month is a recorded call, where we answer the posted questions of all who couldn’t make the live calls.

Select your plan:


Todo Bien!

“It’s all good!” This one is for you if you really want to explore deep into your own personal Sovereign (U)niverse and make some serious upgrades.

For only $66 more, Todo Bien includes everything in the first 2 levels, PLUS-

  • Access to every Activator call recording since Sovereign (U)niverse began. There are 100s of hours of audio content for you to binge listen to, or spread it out over months
  • You maintain access to each week’s call indefinitely
  • Karma Clearing Meditations (Usually $99)
  • Timeline Hop Hypnosis (Usually $99)
  • Client Attraction Hypnosis (Usually $99)
  • 5D Business School module 1 (Usually unavailable alone)
  • Psychic Toolkit (Usually $555)
  • Fall Into Love (Usually $333)
  • The Grieving Process (Usually $99)
  • Fall Deeper Into Love (Usually $444)
  • Manifestation Secrets of The Ascended Masters meditation course (Usually $777)
  • 5D Business School modules 2D-4D (Usually $999)
  • It’s a surprise! (Many more enlightenment products will be dropped into your inbox every month!)
*You get the entire archive of 100s of hours of Activator calls instantly, and the rest of the processes are released one per month. You maintain access to these recordings forever, after month 3! Tuition: A) $99 a month B) $999 PIF for the year (2 months free!) C) $2,222 Lifetime membership, plus you get all these recordings and courses instantly and permanently. **With your purchase of the lifetime membership, you will also get a Vibration Raising phone call with Ben (usually $1,111), and a “welcome to the family” voice message from Jen.

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Pura Vida!

“Pure Life!” This is for you if you do better with more 1:1 support as a way to hold you accountable and keep you on track. Start living the good life at a price that gives you what you need without breaking the bank.

For only $123 more, Pure Vida includes everything in the first 3 levels, PLUS

  • 1 PRIVATE intuitive reading by Jen per month where she channels the answers to your question and sends it to you in a recording that you can listen to again and again.
  • Your questions move to the front of the line.
  • A recording of a hypnosis session to help you shift anything you like. Bring in your life partner? Better sex with your current life partner? More confidence public speaking? If the Rode Institute doesn’t already have it, Ben will create it at your request. (must already be paid up at least $1k to get this)
Tuition: A) $222 a month (Because of how connected Jen gets with her clients, a year long commitment is required) B) $2,222 PIF for 14 months. (4 months free!) Recorded products from Todo Bien are still released monthly, and you maintain access for 14 months, at which point you can downgrade your membership or recommit to this level. C) $3,333 PIF for 14 months of card readings and lifetime membership to Sovereign (U)niverse. (4 months of card readings free!) With this level, you get the recordings from Todo Bien instantly and permanently. *When you pay in full for the entire year, you also get a ($1,111) Vibration Raising phone call with Ben, and a “welcome to the family” voice message from Jen.

Select your plan:


Con Mucho Gusto!

“With much pleasure!” You are a high achiever who demands excellence from yourself and those around you, and your associates do the same. You’ve made your $, and now you’re looking for something more. Whether you’re looking for instant clarity around your life partner, the next level of your life purpose, or simply more ease & grace in your life, you’re in the right place. It can be lonely at the top, but you have just discovered where your people are. We’re right here…

Con Mucho Gusto includes everything* in the first 4 levels, PLUS

  • Join your tribe at Jen’s 7 day, all inclusive, Simple Pleasures luxury retreat at Synergida: The Premier Luxury Resort for Transformational Retreats. (Must have $12k of your tuition paid before attending) We put you on a private plane from SJO International Airport to a landing strip next to our resort
  • One 30 minute private mentorship call with Jen or Ben each month
  • 1 additional live 60 minute group Activator call just for you and all the other women at this level or above
  • Special guest interviews where you can ask questions of the worlds most successful business coaches, authors, speakers and healers
  • Exclusive access to spontaneous FB live videos just for this elite group of women
  • Separate Simple Pleasures FB group that encourages collaboration and partnership
  • Lifetime membership to Sovereign (u)niverse
Investment: A) $999 a month (Because this culminates in a live retreat, a year long commitment to this payment schedule is required) B) $9,999 PIF (Save $2,000) Pay In Full gives instant & permanent access to all the recordings in Todo Bien. Request an application *Does not include the card readings from Pura Vida.


“The Goddess of Abundance.”

Abundancia includes everything in the first 5 levels, PLUS

  • 6 private Multidimensional Awakening sessions with Ben & Jen
  • 2 luxury retreats at Synergida: The Premier Luxury Resort for Transformational Retreats (3 sessions each retreat) We put you on a private plane from SJO International Airport to a landing strip next to our resort
  • Multidimensional Awakening 10 day group mystery school retreat. If you have a partner, he comes too. If you would rather have 1 more private retreat of 3 sessions, that can be arranged.
  • Bring in your life partner (if you are single)
  • Create the deepest love & intimacy, and have the best sex of your life with your partner.
  • Experience what it feels like to leave the matrix
Investment: A) $10k a month for 12 months B) $100K PIF (Save $20,000) Ben & Jen only take 1 Abundancia client at a time, and that position is filled at the moment. Request an application to be placed on the waiting list. *The 30 minute calls from Con Mucho Gusto are replaced with 50 minute monthly calls.


“The Synergistic Life.” Love, purpose, balance, and the fairy tale life is possible. Actually, it’s easy when you know how to get there. Ben & Jen can help you get there with ease when you buy a 2nd (or primary) home in their community of leaders.

Synergida includes everything in the first 6 levels, PLUS

  • A gorgeous home in Ben and Jen’s new paradigm community to live in part or full time, or to rent out.
  • Spend a week at Ben and Jen’s home with their careful attention crafting your beliefs and upgraded reality…
  • Ben and Jen spend a week in your primary home in order to observe your life and help you adjust the subtle and not so subtle things that will bring your life into full harmony, the way it was meant to be lived.
  • One 60 minute Vibration Raising & Integration call a week with Ben AND Jen.
Investment: A) $100k per month for 12 months B) $1MM PIF (save $200,000)